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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Make Your Own Happiness Model

Happiness is that wonderful feeling when everything feels right, everything falls into place, and you experience that flicker of joy that passes through you.  Whatever we do in life is an attempt to find this feeling and make it last.

There are numerous models to follow in search of happiness. Each model of happiness is different and suits different people at different times of their lives.  It is important that you find the model that suits you best, as after all, we are all very different!  There is no one size fits all when it comes to happiness, but there are some fundamental ways in which we can all encourage happiness to be present in our lives. 

Doing things you love will bring you happiness

There is an age old saying that ‘do what you love, and the money will follow.’ And of course, when work feels like play, you are probably going to enjoy it big time. Here are my top tips to making your own happiness model:

  1. Make laughter part of every day
  2. Feel grateful for the things that work for you in life
  3. Spend time with people you love
  4. Allow yourself some ‘Me Time’
  5. Take time to meditate
  6. Get out and about in the fresh air
  7. Exercise
  8. Don’t have any regrets
  9. Make sure you rest and relax – don’t work yourself into the ground
  10. Give back to others, either by volunteering, or charity donations – then your focus will shift from your life to that of others

Wanting to be happy is a human desire that we all feel

Do you ever ask yourself – why is something so basic be so difficult to find?  Well the simple answer is that it isn’t, it is just that we are looking in the wrong places. Happiness is actually your default state, it is what you were born with.  And, most importantly, happiness is the absence of unhappiness. 

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