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Easy Steps to Make your Home a Serene Space by Carole Langman

I have got the tidying bug – I am getting prepared for a really big clear out, and I am so excited!  I sound like a bit of a geek, but I do love a tidy, calm space around me.

I enjoy the feeling of a clean, tidy and well presented room

If I put my mind to it, I am generally a very thorough and methodical cleaner and tidier. But to be honest, as much as I enjoy the feeling of a clean, tidy and well presented room, these days my time is too limited to even attempt to keep things in order. If I was to concentrate on household chores only, and achieving a finished look that lifts my spirits, then I wouldn’t be able to get all the other daily tasks completed.  Such as paid work, house work such as cooking, cleaning etc.

Clearing your clutter is so very good for you

So, where do you put this really important job in the order of things? I do believe that tidying and clearing your clutter is so very good for your spirit. The skills you need to use can be something you have learnt, or been passed down through generations just by watching, or perhaps could be just plain common-sense.  Should these tasks be classed as a job, and as important as other jobs? For example we always tend to prioritise shopping, and cooking, as we have to eat to stay alive, but not always tidying.

For me tidying up is something that tends to get squeezed in around the other crucial household tasks like cooking, but to be honest, the overarching priority is always, and has always been, work. By that I mean paid work. That has always come first, and if by any chance there is any time left over after the other crucial housekeeping jobs such as shopping, cooking and clearing up the kitchen, then tidying would come next.

Most times I tend to tidy and clean whilst doing other things, so therefore I think in the scheme of things it must be of secondary importance to me. And my mind is always racing ahead and thinking about other things whilst I am tidying. I definitely do not class it as a priority. Yes the feeling I get when I walk into, or spend time indoors, gives me such a buzz when I see it all tidy, clean, and de-cluttered. So, the order and priority of household tasks has got to change!

The Magic of Tidying

Last year I came across a book all about the Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, (well to be honest it was her newer book, Spark Joy which I saw in a book shop whilst on a short break in Hay on Wye).  The book’s bright green cover stood out and I found myself glancing through it with interest.  What Marie says is that if you put your house in order properly once and for all, you will always be able to keep it tidy.  Even if you are lazy or messy by nature. She suggests 2 simple steps to take:

1. Deciding what to keep
2. Deciding where to keep it

So New Year, New Start, this is a great time to make the right changes to your personal lifestyle, and for me, this time next week I will have started my mission, and I will let you know how I get on! Read more of my Monday blogs HERE.


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