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special year

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Make 2021 a Special Year for You!

We all deserve a special year in 2021, what with all the stresses of living through a pandemic and the massive effect this has had on our mental health. And following the very difficult year that we all experienced, we are hoping for, and looking forward to, a brave and better New Year with high expectations all around.

We have reasons to be hopeful now, and a feeling that positive changes are on the way. This is a good time for us to brighten our outlook, to become more optimistic, and to change our behaviour for the better.  A time to focus our attention on the big picture, which will give us all a boost and help us to focus on what we want out of life and to generally feel more motivated.

Be prepared to face goals sensibly, practically, and with intention

Think about what makes you feel good, instead of focusing on outcomes. Focus on changing your mindset. There are a number of ways to do this, starting with appreciating what is good in your life right now, and by being kinder to yourself. People who have self compassion tend to feel better all around. They eat a more balanced diet, they tend to be happier with their bodies and how they function, and they enjoy their movement and exercise. And are more resilient when things do go wrong, or don’t go according to plan, which is pretty normal in the scheme of things.

Self Compassion

So, one of your first resolutions, or intentions, is to perhaps consider being more self compassionate. This would be a good starting point.  One thought that I have had on my mind for awhile is about the clothes I wear.  For too long I’ve dressed according to where I am and what I tend to be doing on any particular day. Rather than choosing clothes that make me happy.  This is one change that I want to make.  I am going to decide on what colour makes me feel good, is it red, pink or blue?  Or a combination of all three perhaps! Wearing bright colours can help you to project more energy and spirit. And therefore think about dressing in clothes that feel comfortable, that are cosy yet colourful and lively at the same time. Soft, warm woolly jumpers at this time of year. Cosy, colourful socks.

Workload and batching tasks

And whilst we focus on feeling good, think carefully about your workloads. Don’t pile on the work, but keep your to do lists short, and focus on one major task or goal at a time. It is so easy to get swept away by trying to multitask a number of disparate and unrelated things all at the same time. Which can leave you feeling exhausted, yet still wired somehow, but not in a good way.

Instead batch your tasks into groups of similar things to do, make it easy for yourself. Focus on one area or goal each day, or each week, or each month even. Don’t try to fit everything into one day.

I love the great tip I learnt recently, which was to decide on the task that I want to focus on at the start of each day.  I learnt to choose one big task, or 3 smaller tasks and found that by deciding on what would be the most productive for me to focus on, this tended to keep on track.  And I feel very satisfied at the end of the day when I get to tick it off and give myself a pat on the back!

Innocent Explorers

Make the most of the time that you have, make the most of this moment in your life.  Enjoy yourself.  Get on with your life and have loads of fun.  Stay childlike, keep yourself lighthearted and don’t take things too seriously.  Follow what feels right for you.  Listen to your heart, your instincts, as of course you know best what is right for you.

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