Ways to Make 2019 an Amazing Year by Carole Langman

Here we are now, at the end of 2018! Can you believe it!  And what a year it has been. And we have now reached the time to say goodbye to this Old Year and to Welcome in the New Year! I wish a happy and prosperous New Year 2019 to everyone. Fill your hearts, expand your souls, and above all, make sure you are really and truly yourselves in 2019!


This is also a time to be grateful for all of the good things that happened in 2018.  Whilst looking forward to all the great things coming your way in 2019.  Before moving onto your dreams and desires for the New Year, your aims and ambitions, make sure you take time out to remind yourself of all that was good in 2018.  List the things you feel grateful for.  Spend a few minutes recapturing those golden moments. Appreciate how they made you feel and pay homage to your good luck and good fortune. No matter how big or small. From appreciating the wonderful area you live in, to more individual and personal things that affected you more deeply.

Moving onto 2019 – what do you wish for? 

What does your heart sing out for?  Make a note of each and every hope and wish you have for the future, for the New Year.  Think about what each individual dream will feel like, and what it will look like. How will you know when it has happened? When you have achieved that particular ambition? 

Break each item down into different stages, and different levels.

Break each one down into an order of priority. And most of all, make sure the aims and ambitions are for you, wholly and solely for you. Make sure it is all about your heart’s desire, no-one else’s. Think about all the things that will feed you, all the things that will nurture you, and help to make you into the person you have always wanted to be. Be that person!

This is the time to go for it. This is the year to make it happen. The time is right, the time is now. No more procrastination. Live in this moment, live in this year. This brave, wonderful New Year. This 2019!


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