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Lucky Harley Reunited with his Owner

This week we have an incredible true survival story featuring a dog called Harley and his owner Shane Hale. On Saturday 25th August 2018 Shane had brought Harley onto his boat for a trip in Florida. Shane planned a nice route and was looking forward to a good trip with his pooch pal.

Powerful Storm

Unfortunately, the weather took a nasty turn shortly after they took off. It began with heavy rain and wind, quickly growing into a full storm. The powerful storm created some very rough conditions. Shane wisely opted to put life jackets on Harley and himself, and tether them both to the boat. However, Shane still found himself being thrown and battered around amid the worsening conditions.

Then, all of a sudden, the worst thing imaginable happened: Harley fell overboard…

Panicking, Shane rushed to the side of the boat. He could see his dog’s head bobbing up and down on top of the now 3-metre waves, struggling to stay above water. He began pulling on his dog’s tether, but could tell by the lack of weight that it was likely no longer attached. Sure enough, when he pulled it free from the water he was faced with an empty life jacket – the storm has pulled Harley from it!

Devastated, Shane lay on his boat riding out the rest of the storm and prayed for his dog’s safety. Given the conditions, he didn’t have high hopes of Harley’s survival. When he did make it back to shore Shane did everything he could to raise awareness of his lost dog, including a Facebook post that he asked people to share.

Harley swam nearly 5 kilometres

Thankfully, his efforts weren’t in vain, as the next morning he received a phone call from someone who had found him. Somehow, Harley swam nearly 5 kilometres in the stormy conditions and choppy sea, making it to a nearby beach.

An extremely relived Shane immediately headed over to find his exhausted pal waiting for him. After a quick reunion he took Harley to the vets, who said that other than a slight case of pneumonia the dog should make a full recovery.

Amazing fitness

Harley clearly had amazing fitness to be able to swim for so long and survive in such awful conditions. 

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