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Meaningful Ways to Love the Life you Live

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”  Bob Marley

Are you living the life you want? Or are you working towards it, waiting for it to happen, and perhaps hoping that some time in the future everything will all fall into place?

Live in Alignment

The way you can practice loving and living your life is to think about your reason for getting up and out of bed in the morning.  It is about how you live in alignment with your purpose in life.  Isn’t it weird how unhappy we are when things do not go the way we plan them, or the way that we wished them to go?  And who do we have to blame? We continuously find others to blame for numerous things that don’t work out in our life, and even start to believe that there might be a conspiracy out there. But to be honest, it is all about  ‘Me, myself and I.’ It is all down to us.

Thoughts create reality

It is also true that whatever you give your energy to, whatever the thoughts are that go around and around in your mind, then that is what you make happen – that is what you make come true. But be careful of what you wish for, because sometimes you might even get your wish and it may not turn out to be exactly what you really wanted!

Top Tips to help you love the life you live:

  • Find something that you would like to do rather than need to do.  Experiment until you get the right thing for you.  Perhaps pursue a new passion (or rekindle an old one), something that lights you up, that brings you joy.  Something that you lose yourself in, and where time stands still for you.
  • Make your own goals and stop following what others want you to do. It is so easy to follow in with what others want of you, the path they set out for you, but if you always follow the lead of others then you will find that path will eventually lead to resentment and a feeling of unhappiness.
  • Be positive, train your mind – It’s time to learn to love the life you live.  And if you don’t even like the life you are living, then it is best to start making those positive changes right away!  

The simple things…

And don’t forget – make space in your day, every day, to look after the things that are important to you. Do the things you love, things that give you a boost, it’s sometimes the simple things in life that matter most. You need to sure you get your needs met first:

    • enough rest and relaxation,
    • enough nutrition and exercise,
    • enough connection with positive people

Fill your tank with happiness and joy, and get into the habit to live your life to the full each and every day. Be your own best friend and make every day special.

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