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looking after me

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Looking After Me in 2020

Still on the theme of 2020 resolutions and goals, another of my goals for this year is all about Looking After Me. What does this entail I ask myself?  Well, there’s lots of info about Self Care around at the moment. Lots of articles that have been written, many books for us to read, and of course social media posts and feeds to follow.

Listen to my body

For me the most important aspect of Self Care is to listen to my body, listen to my instincts and doing what feels right for me. To try and give myself what I need rather than what I want. Self-care is also about looking for the balance in life, looking to see how to nurture and nourish yourself, and how to show yourself love and kindness. It’s not just about chanting positive mantras, or forcing yourself to appear to be upbeat and positive. It is more about learning, going deeper, and discovering what feels right for you. 

I have written about Self Care on the Monday blog a number of times

I have tried to encompass all that it means, and to slot it into my day to day life, but I have a way to go yet. There’s a number of books that I have found useful as a way to give me a nudge and help me to focus. Check out some of these authors below, but there are many more on the market to choose from:

  • Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • Nadia Narain
  • Elizabeth Day
  • Suzy Reading                                 

Here are some of the action points I listed to help me to look after me in 2020:

  1. Booking in Spa Days
  2. Arrange to have a facial, and massage
  3. Organising meeting up with friends for coffee, lunch, etc
  4. Making sure I have time to relax and read on a regular basis 
  5. Validate myself rather seek approval from others
  6. Work shorter days
  7. Meditate each day
  8. Write in my bullet journal each day
  9. Taking walks in the fresh air

One of the ways to help you to get your action points together is to make lists of what makes you feel happy and also what makes you feel sad.  These lists are a great starting point in your voyage of self discovery.

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