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leg weaves

Kelly showing how it’s done!

Leg Weaves Challenge by Kelly Murrell

Are you ready for a weekend challenge? Are you ready to play? We want to hear you say YES!  This week, the game is: 

⭐️Leg Weaves⭐️

Leg weaves is something that can be trained with food and for sure, this is something we do. However, have you ever trained the game using a toy? We love adding in this element, as it gives you another avenue for your reinforcement tool kit. It’s also great for those dogs who’s favourite part of play is to chase the toy too, rather than latching on to tug!


Leg weaves feeds into the awesome concept of value in proximity and we think it’s a great game to add into the mix along with things like Funder, Orientation Games etc! Before we get into how you teach it, the type of toy you use is important. We love using a Chaser Tug from Tug-E-Nuff for this one as the length of the toy gives you that variation of close play and then it gives you the option of extending the toy out so your dog can enjoy play a bit further away from you. Remember not to over-do the repetitions for this one. Also consider the surface you are playing on – anti-slip is an absolute must!

Here’s how you teach leg weaves using a toy:

  1. Pop your dog on a boundary, and face them, then present the toy by dangling it behind your legs. Release your dog from their boundary and the aim is that they come through your legs from front to back to engage with the toy.
  2. As they do this, depending on which hand you have the toy in, scoop it around either your left or right leg, this ignites the chase element of the game! Continue with a short game, then ask your dog to release the toy.
  3. Reset and repeat the above, this time with the toy in the other hand and scooping the toy around the other leg.
  4. Once you have played the game with individual legs scoops and you can see that your dog is super engaged and enjoying it, now you can switch from left to right leg, changing the toy from left to right hand, making a figure of 8 pattern. You’ll need to be quick for this, as the aim is that your dog continuously loops around your legs with their nose on that toy!
  5. When your dog has real value for the game and you can see that they have real desire for whipping around your legs to chase down that toy, add in a verbal cue. You can call this game anything you like! Get creative!
  6. Once your dog really understands the cue, you don’t always have to have the toy present! 

This is a super fast, super engaging game and takes leg weaves to another level. Read more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE  and check out Devon Dogs calendar of Events HERE.

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