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Learn to Develop Your Own Wellness Project

It all starts with you – and what you do in your everyday habits and practices to look after yourself. Some call this self love, whilst others recognise it is just about looking after your own well-being. But whatever label you put on it, to be honest it is about what you really believe deep down about yourself. It is about how you give yourself the reinforcement you need; that you are worthy and deserving of everything in life that you desire and work towards.

As we approach the colder months, we are drawn to closing things down, hibernating, taking stock, and staying indoors more. And what better time to start your very own Wellness Project!

To begin to develop your very own wellness project, start with taking the time to explore who you really are. We all have our own issues and difficulties to overcome in life but it is so important to understand yourself to know what your specific needs are.  And to appreciate and accept your own personal qualities, as after all, they are unique to you!

Initial Steps for your wellness project:

  1. Give yourself time to think about what’s in your way, what’s stopping you? It could include an old habit of people pleasing, or of being too hard on yourself or perhaps not having clear enough boundaries. Whatever it is, take note and start to recognise what isn’t working for you.
  2. Set up a new routine that keeps an eye on your mental, physical and emotional health. Perhaps in a journal or book, or even on your iPad, PC, or phone. Use prompts and cues to help you.
  3. Check these out on a daily basis: for example, how you feel; if there are any issues you are experiencing; and what you need to put things right.

By starting these first initial steps, you are putting in place the foundations for your very own wellness project. Establishing a new routine or habit of looking after yourself is a priority, it is essential.  But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – be patient, start with these small steps, but start right now!  And most of all, be kind to yourself, learn from your past mistakes rather than repeating them.  

Next week we will look at Part One of your Wellness Project, what you eat. Check out more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE

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