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positive mindset

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Learn How to Achieve a Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is not complicated or unachievable for any of us. It is about being aware of what works well in our lives today, at this moment in time.  When you first decide to change your mindset to being more positive, it can feel a little daunting; but by taking it a step at a time you will be able to achieve it.

To start with try to notice what is going well in your day to day life and enjoy these things, keep focusing on them whilst obviously keeping a look out for what obstacles and challenges may also be coming up for you.

The simple things in life give us pleasure

These could be seen as being small, everyday things, but are still so important in our quest for positivity.  Things like:

  • Enjoying a morning tea or coffee
  • Taking a step outside and listening the birdsong that is around us
  • Cuddling up with a pet, and feeling the warmth of their body next to you

It doesn’t have to be a huge event to make a difference. What is more important is that you notice these moments and hold onto them.

Rather than getting stuck in negative patterns of thoughts, train your mind to think more positively. After all, the way we think is a habit, and something we have learnt over the years, but we can also untrain the habit. We don’t have to live this way for the rest of our lives. We can make positive changes in a step by step way.


One of the ways in which we can retrain our mindset is to start the day by writing down 3 things that we feel grateful for in our lives. When you are experiencing this feeling of gratitude you will find you are in a state of well being, content and balanced. You will appreciate what you have rather than focus on what is missing.

10 Positive Mindset Categories

The next exercise is to consider the 10 positive categories that are recognised in the psychological world, which are:

  1. Love
  2. Inspiration
  3. Hope
  4. Gratitude 
  5. Awe
  6. Amusement
  7. Pride
  8. Interest
  9. Joy
  10. Serenity

Choose one of the above positive emotions that you want to feel at this time and focus on what would be the most likely way you can experience it.  You can draw upon a memory of a time and situation that you have actually experienced, or perhaps visualise something that would make you feel that way. Think about how it would feel, what you would experience, ie. see, hear, taste or smell. Then hold onto these feelings, so that you can return to them whenever you feel a negative response come upon you.

Breaking Free

By using these simple tools you will be able to break free of the cycle of negativity that is affecting your well-being and move on with your journey towards positivity and maintaining a more positive mindset.

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