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Lada the Russian Babysitter

This week we have another true Saturday Dog Story to bring you, this time coming from Russia.

Olga was a 22-year old mother living in Saratov, central Russia. One day she took her baby son Vadim to the park along with her Rottweiler, Lada. Whilst the three of them were having a good time in the park, Olga unexpectedly bumped into some of her friends. They all began chatting and, rather recklessly, started having a few drinks.

Olga realised her horrible mistake

Some time later Olga had drunk far more than she intended or could really handle. She said goodbye to her friends, went home and passed out. The next morning Olga realised her horrible mistake – she had not brought home either of Vadim or Lada the previous night! Immediately she began panicking, phoning her parents and screaming that her son had been stolen.

Olgas’s Father went back to the park

Her parents came to her home and began calling her friends. On a whim, Olga’s father went back to the park to look for any clues. To his surprise he found Olga’s baby Vadim still sitting safely in his pram, and alongside her loyal dog Lada who had stayed by him all night keeping guard.

Lada stood guard all night

Baby Vadim was found wet, hungry and in tears, but more importantly he was also safe due to her dog Lada standing guard and keeping away all strangers. 

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