Knickers the Giant Cow by Chris Green

This week’s TRUE animal story features an Australian cow named Knickers. Knickers the cow (who is technically a ‘steer’ – i.e. a neutered male) has been in the news recently due to his size. The height of his withers (i.e. shoulders) comes to 1.94 metres, and his weight is 1,400KG.

Despite his great size, Knickers is still just under the current world-record, which belongs to a steer named Bellino from Italy. Due to his abnormal size, Knickers’ popularity has grown massively – not just in Australia, but all around the world too! His owner, Geoff Pearson, claims to be constantly fielding calls from the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand – calling the cow’s attention “out of control!”

Some people have speculated whether Knickers has been given hormones in order to grow. When asked how Knickers grew to be so big, Geoff admits he doesn’t know, calling it “a freaky thing”.

Knickers’ size has actually saved his life. He had been due to head to an abattoir, but was deemed too big to fit into the machinery used. Thankfully for him, Knickers is now living out the rest of his days peacefully on the farm with 4,000 other cows. As one of the oldest cows on the farm, he acts as a coach for the others, showing them where to roam.

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