king kongs

Photo by Kelly Murrell

King Kongs by Kelly Murrell

We simply love using kongs, and we stuff them with a variety of things. However, some dogs seemingly act as if they aren’t interested in the contents and leave the tastiness that’s inside. This isn’t usually because they don’t like what’s inside, but more likely to do with the fact that they have found it too hard to get the contents out, so they give up.

As well as growing the concept of calmness, kongs build the concepts of tolerance to frustration, grit and confidence. With this in mind, grow the complexity of the kong gradually. Meaning, don’t make it too hard for your dog to retrieve the contents out to start.

Here are our stages of introducing kongs:

⭐️Loosely packed kibble

⭐️Tightly packed kibble

⭐️Peanut butter/yoghurt/pumpkin (etc) gently smeared on the inside

⭐️Peanut butter/yoghurt/pumpkin (etc) packed in a little more….and more…and more

⭐️Contents semi-frozen

⭐️Contents fully frozen

Kongs are much more than treat dispensers and when introduced to your dog in the right way they make super awesome concept enhancers!


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