Killerton House

Killerton House | by Barrie Cann |  CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Killerton House & Park by Sophie Williams

  • Location: 40 mins away from Bowerland in Exeter. 
  • Distance: 2.5 miles  – Fairly Easy Walk
  • Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Located just 40 minutes drive from Bowerland, the picturesque views at Killerton will be brought to life on this dog friendly walk. It takes in Discovery Park Wood, Deodar Glen, the Plains and finally a view of the Old Quarry and the Extinct Volcano!


  1. From the visitors centre at Killerton House, turn right and right again up past the chapel grounds.
  2. At the crossroads continue straight on and go through the metal gate on the right and then follow signs for Deer Park and The Plains. You will find yourself on a wide path its a historic carriage drive!
  3. Continue straight ahead crossing the track and into Deer Park. Generations of Aclands have used this drive to enjoy the parkland.
  4. Bear left through the kissing gate, follow signs to Park Wood. Continue along the drive passing the clump and the Plains. Keep following signs left towards Deodar Glen heading uphill. When the paths fork take the smaller one on the right.
  5. Keep following the signs to Park Wood, you will cross a nineteenth century deer park pale on this route. Bear right at the junction then you will emerge into the valley, this is Deodar Glen.
  6. From here go uphill towards the kissing gate, turn left and go through another kissing gate. This is The Plains, home to some ancient trees.
  7. Follow signs towards Deer park down towards the gate, to the right is The Old Quarry.
  8. The exposed rock face is Volcanic Lava now stained with moss and lichens, this rock was used to build Killerton Chapel!
  9. Bear right towards the black metal gate, to return to the start follow the signs to Stables Cafe and Shop, where you will fid some VERY nice hot and cold snacks and plenty to quench that thirst.

This truly  is a dog’s dream walk with plenty to look at sniff and explore. Please keep dogs under control as there is a lot of wildlife on this walk. And if control is something you may need a little help with, please do not hesitate to give us a call here at Devon Dogs and we can help you start your training journey.  Call or text us on 07717 696623, or email us at: HERE. You can also check out our website:

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