Killerton Garden Ancient Trees Walk

Killerton Gardens

Derek Harper | The gardens at Killerton | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

This week’s walk is an easier one through Killerton Gardens and Park.  You should expect it to take around 1 hour to complete, at roughly 2 miles in length.

As usual, we’ll be starting at a car park – this time the main car park at Killerton Park. Once you’ve parked up, walk through the stable block and turn right. Follow the path into the chapel grounds. Pass through the chapel and head through the wooden gate at the other side. Keep following the track, turning right towards an iron fence and through another gate into open parkland. Keep going straight before turning left along a track.

You’ll notice some stunning views on this track, including the estate and some extremely old oak trees that are more than 600 years old!

Bear left into the plain of the park, which is far more open. Head towards the top right corner where you’ll find a wooden gate to pass through. After this, turn left through another gate to find yourself on the Iron Age hill fort. Keep going over the clump and straight over the crossroads. Keep going until you reach the iron fence before heading through another gate into a garden.

Head through this garden, keeping an eye out for scenery such as old sweet chestnuts, a giant redwood tree and a wide range of unusual trees. Follow the path through the garden past the front of the house, through the garden gate. Head back down the drive and you’ll reach the car park you started from.

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Chris Green

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