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Katrina – The Hero Labrador 

Hurricane Katrina’s winds caused several breaches in the levees outside the city of New Orleans, which resulted in about 80% of the city being submerged. Thousands of people fought for their lives, by clinging to rooftops, car roofs and even telephone posts.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Jeff Mailes, a reporter and cameraman for a KCAL news crew, were covered the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. They interviewed Kevin Williams, who was sitting on a porch surrounded by water. His story captured the hearts of people worldwide.

Kevin didn’t know how to swim and was rescued by a black labrador, who grabbed him by his shirt, pulling him to safety. The sweet dog stayed with him until a rescue team was able to reach Kevin by helicopter. Sadly, despite Kevin’s pleas, the poor lab was left behind.

Waiting for the News Crew

Inspired by the story, the news crew returned to the same porch the next day to follow-up with Kevin, only to find the lovely black labrador sitting there, waiting for them. After airing the story, Jeff’s wife and daughters, begged him to adopt the lab. Jeff agreed and the family named her Katrina.

It took a while for the lovely lab to recover from the hurricane trauma. Whenever a storm would hit, Katrina would hunch over and quiver in fear.

After a few years, however, Katrina forgot about the hurricane trauma and lived a happy, joy-filled with the Mailes and their two daughters, as well as a golden retriever named Teddybear. 

Guest of Honour

In 2006, Katrina was Guest of Honour at the Humane Society of the United States Genesis Awards, which recognizes the media (cinema, TV, print-media news, and entertainment) for inspiring change for animals.

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