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Katie the Border Collie

A lady from Spokane, Washington quit her job to look for her lost Border Collie

The New York Times recently reported a heart-wrenching story about Carole and Verne King, who were on holiday in Kalispell, Montana, USA with their beloved, Border Collie, Katie.

One night, the couple went out for the evening and returned to find Katie missing from their hotel room.  The couple thought she might have been spooked by a thunderstorm, and somehow managed to escape. We all know how smart Border Collies are.  Carole and Verne were both retired police officers and swung into action. They posted pictures of Katie and searched far and wide. 

Wildlife Cameras, Food Traps and more…

The devoted couple went to extraordinary lengths to find their dog. They even tried cameras normally used by wildlife researchers, as well as traps, which they baited with Katie’s food. They left their own used clothing, dotted around the area, together with Katie’s blanket and bowl. Amazingly, they even had horse manure and hair shavings shipped from their farm back in Spokane, hoping that the familiar scents might attract Katie. They also tried night-vision goggles, but all of these effort were unsuccessful.

Carole quit her job

Although the couple was retired and living on pensions, Carole supplemented their income with a job as a Postal Carrier in Spokane. She decided to quit her job, however, when she was unable to take any more time off to search for Katie.

“Katie was just more important to me,” Carole told the Times. “I just said, ‘I’ll finish this week, and that’s it.’”

Back to Montana

Verne went back home to their farm in Spokane, Washington, while Carole returned to Montana. At one point poor Carole almost felt like giving up, but her hubby, Verne, encouraged her to keep going. The kind folks of Kalispell also helped in the search efforts.

Finally, A Miracle

On Sept 15 – 57 days after the fateful thunderstorm – Carole received a tip that a dog matching Katie’s description was spotted near the hotel. Although Carole rushed straight there, sadly the dog was gone.

Continuing the search, Carole spoke with a couple who had seen a dog sitting under a nearby tree. When Carole called Katie’s name, the Border Collie ran towards her, literally jumping into her arms.

“All I could think about was, ‘I’m done. I got her,’” Carole told the Times. “I was crying, I was holding onto her, wrapped her up in a bear hug. I couldn’t get her in the car fast enough to close her in so I wouldn’t lose her again.”


Although Katie had lost a great deal of weight and was dehydrated after her ordeal in the Montana wilderness,  but after a visit to the local vet, Carole took her home to Verne. You can see their sweet reunion with Verne in the video above.

What an heartwarming story of love, dedication and endurance! We are so happy that the Kings finally found their beloved Katie. We would have given up our jobs to look for her too!!!

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