Just say yes

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Just Say Yes!

Are you in a rut? Do you feel that life is passing you by? Do you ever wonder how your outlook on life has changed from when you were young.  Did you have an adventurous fun loving spirit, and has that all changed? Do you now see yourself as someone that clings to a familiar routine, or habit.

It could be that with age, with responsibilities (such as your working life, your relationships and your family), also comes sensible, rational and mature choices. And behaviour. In some ways we are more sensible as we get older, we are more mature and considerate.

But where has all the fun gone? Is your life predictable and safe? Comfortable and cosy?  How are you going to change that?  How do you even begin to change that?  What is the best way to start? 

Well, look no further, here are my suggestions:

  • Set yourself a challenge – start saying Yes instead of No.  See how that changes your life.
  • Start small, make simple weekly goals.  Any achievements you make will give you more confidence.  And once you start to gain small successes, small wins, achieving small goals – you will find that this will lead to setting bigger and better goals.
  • Don’t overthink it.  When you get an invitation to do something different, ignore your doubts.  Instead of automatically saying no, say yes instead.  Make that your motto.  Say YES instead of NO!
  • Create new opportunities – join new groups, try out short courses, volunteer at a local charity event for example. Try something new, something different.
  • Remember the things that used to motivate you?  The things you used to love doing, or were passionate about? Or the things that you have always wanted to do. Re-ignite that passion.
  • In fact, write a bucket list of all the things you ever wanted to do.  Start with simple things like trying out a new restaurant, cooking a new dish, and move onto the bigger things like visiting a new country.
  • Fear the fear and do it anyway – an old book, an old concept perhaps, but still so very valid today.

Make it Happen

Instead of waiting for things to magically happen, start to make them happen. Change your way of life, make adjustments, be a different person. Inject more positive energy into your life.  Say yes instead of no. And see where that leads you.  

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