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My Journey to Bowerland & Devon Dogs by Linda Hughes

I spent three days at Bowerland in January with my Obedience dogs, Ping and Keltie. The trip was inspired by my passion to take the Devon Dogs training philosophy into dog sports. My sport is Competitive Obedience and my philosophy is that happy dogs are the best learners, so are happy people.

Devon Dogs is all about enabling happy owners and creating happy dogs ?

I meet people who want to compete in obedience whose dogs aren’t always happy, and consequently owners who are disappointed. Some dogs can’t perform in the ring because they’re worried, others are easily distracted from the task. Some dogs miss the commands they are supposed to follow, others find it difficult to control their enthusiasm.

Some handlers lose heart when their dog can’t perform, others get very nervous and their dogs get anxious too. There are many and varied struggles that sports dogs and handlers have to overcome when they are competing. So, I am implementing the Devon Dogs way into my training days and developing special workshops for Competitive Obedience. 

I am implementing the Devon Dogs way ?

I enjoyed a four-day trip to the beautiful Devon countryside. I had brilliant one to one time with Michelle Ingham going through my plans and ideas. She gave me guidance, confidence and inspiration to be able to train my own dogs but also pass on my knowledge to others. I really appreciated her wisdom and patience.

The sun was shining, I could walk the moors, enjoy time with my dogs and take the opportunity to learn from the expertise at Bowerland. Now I’m ready to launch a series of play based training workshops in Suffolk.

Linda HughesAbout Linda Hughes: I live in Suffolk and have been a dog owner for over 52 years. I started young, with my first Labrador puppy when I was 12. More recently I have been owned and loved by various Border Collies. I’ve had a variety of careers most recently as a dog trainer. In 2004 I started obedience classes, my first dog took me from beginners to Championship Class C. It was through her I began to study dog training and was given the opportunity to teach competitive obedience.

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