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Jack the Rottweiler becomes Best Man (Dog)

This true story proves that dogs aren’t just “Man’s Best Friend,” but also the groom’s Best Man! Jack the Rottweiler even donned a mini-tuxedo for the wedding.

This was the heartwarming moment that an adopted Rottweiler became Christopher McCarron’s Best Man in his marriage to Margaret Allison earlier this year. The happy newlyweds tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Scotland. The couple said say that Jack’s participation in the wedding seemed only fitting as Christopher met Margaret at a dog rescue centre.

The well-behaved pup sat quietly through the short ceremony, wearing a mini tuxedo attached to his collar—and he even sneezed when McCarron said ‘I do’.

“We had a lovely sentimental day, and Jack played a big part,” said McCarron. “He loved it, he really did.”

Christopher adopted the Jack after the death of his son, who died three years ago at age 43. After this tragedy, he reviewed his life, decided to sell his business, and get a divorce. He also hoped that getting a dog might assist him in recovering from his grief. After meeting Jack, who had been at the local animal shelter for 9 months, Christopher was won over 

As luck would have it, Christopher also met Margaret while walking Jack at the rescue center. 

“I wouldn’t have considered getting a rescue dog based on his age; he’s around 6 years old. But when he went up to me, we just clicked. Little did I know that I’d meet my future wife at the rescue center too. I don’t believe that I rescued Jack – I think he rescued me. When we decided to get married, Jack had to be there.”

When Margaret met Christopher,  they bonded over their shared love of dogs. Poor  Jack had spent most of his life cooped up in a kennel and Christopher was warned by the animal shelter not to allow Jack to play with other dogs. However, the couple believed that the pup should be given a chance, despite the breed’s bad reputation.

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