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Isaac Alfies third stay

Alfie and Isaac enjoying a spot of shade in the Old Dairy Garden

Isaac & Alfie’s Third Stay at Bowerland by Suzanne G.

The Old Dairy

My daughter and I travelled from Bedfordshire with our two boys, Alfie – a Shih Tzu and Isaac – a cocker spaniel cross. We arrived at the Old Dairy to a lovely welcome pack for us and the dogs. The Old Dairy is so comfortable we didn’t want to leave. We had a lovely seven days in there. The new wet room is lovely and came in handy when both dogs rolled in fox pooh.  Needless to say, the dogs were not impressed with their shower. 😆

10 hours of 121 Training

alfieWe had ten hours of 121 training with Michelle. We went out and about in one lesson and had the others in the barn or field. The lessons went very quickly. We worked on games to help Isaac’s reactivity and boosting Alfie’s motivation. We also did a lot of work on the weaves, which was much needed.

I plan on doing more agility with Isaac. Usually, I have to stand away from people when training with Isaac. But Michelle has talked me though how I can gradually change this over time.

We also ditched the bowl for good and are giving the dogs their kibble in training and games. I thought it would be a struggle, but actually found it to be quite easy.

Such a Positive Change in Walking our Dogs

alfie isaacGenerally, we tend to avoid public areas due to Isaac’s reactivity. My 14 year old daughter and I do most of the training and walks with the dogs. My hubby does it at the weekend when I’m working. However, after being with Michelle, we can see this won’t be forever!

In fact, we had a workman in our house today and normally Isaac would be barking at him. This time, however, Isaac said hello and left him alone. Such a positive change. Another testament to the games and training with Michelle.

This is our third stay at Bowerland and we planning on another two weeks next year. I have just signed up to do a Fitness and Focus class with Alfie. 

About the author: My name is Suzanne Glazebrook. I’ve grown up with dogs and my Mum used to be a puppy walker for the guide dogs, so very used to puppies. As a family we’ve had a few dogs, two that have been reactive, we have been to many different dog training classes and watched lots of dog training videos, but none of them helped until I came across Tom, Lauren and Devon Dogs.

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