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play time

Photo by Lauren Langman

Introduce Play back into your Life

Have you ever watched children at play? And especially if you watch them when they are playing outdoors. You will find on the whole that they are very focused and absorbed in what they are doing and that they experience their play through their senses. There is a real sense of freedom in the way they are fully immersed in what they are doing.  But as we get older we lose this ability and connection with our senses, and if we can get it back again it will give us huge benefits to our health and well-being. It is important that we commit to changing our habits, making sure that we are taking time out for ourselves, putting that at the top of our agenda.

The Modern World

In the world today there is so much pressure and stress, and we are so busy being productive and doing more and more, which makes it hard to slow down, or to try to stop.  We spend so much time on our iPhones, our iPads, and our computers, which forces our lives to run faster and faster, bringing on more stress and anxiety, more pressure.  

Play – a natural quality of our Soul

So, what can we do to slow down, and to get back in touch with the simpler things in life.  Well, for starters we can think about how to fit in more playtime into our daily lives. Playing opens up our senses, helps us to feel more alive, and of course, is good for the soul! Play is intensely pleasurable as it both energises and enriches our lives.  And not forgetting how when we play, it helps to shape our brains and makes us more adaptable and smarter in life.  After all, playtime is the core of creativity and innovation.

Play brings joy, boosts energy and brings humour into our lives. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

My top tips to help you to introduce more play into your life:

  • Turn off your phone, unplug your computer, or iPad, switch off electronic equipment
  • Take some time out to remember how you enjoyed playing as a child, remember how it made you feel
  • Take part in something physical, an activity you enjoy, whatever you like, as long as it is movement of some sort. Even a short walk can lift your spirits!
  • Play with pets and/or children as this will help you to lose your self-consciousness, and forget about being an adult whilst you are playing
  • Find a sense of play in your work, let that be your guiding star

I hope you learn to bring playtime back into your lives, make a commitment, make a start, even in a small way. Bring laughter and fun back into your daily activities and you will feel the benefit!

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