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My Intensive Training by Sara Skellorn


Dash enjoying the cosy bed in the Annexe

I was so excited about my long weekend in Devon with Dash (and my boyfriend!). I had booked it about 6 months earlier when I was in a very prolonged training ‘blip’. We had booked into The Annexe and had arranged an Intensive Training Package with Michelle and Teresa.

When we arrived we were very pleasantly surprised by the accommodation. I knew it would be nice but we were impressed with the size of the cottage and all the facilities. Dash absolutely loved having a garden to play in and we really enjoyed how secure and private it all was.

The training started as soon as we arrived; with Teresa getting us started with some scent work. I have trained at Devon Dogs before on a few occasions but it was much more enjoyable knowing we had so much time and no travelling to do each day.

The training program that Michelle put together for us over the weekend was spot on and, as ever, I learnt a great deal. Michelle is an amazing coach, knowing how and when to push you so that you keep learning without feeling overwhelmed. Dash made huge progress over the weekend and on the last day trotted into the training barn ready to do whatever was asked of him with a smile on his face!

We all had a brilliant time (boyfriend included!) everything ran very smoothly. Right from the initial booking we felt looked after and supported. Dash and I now have a renewed training plan for the future and I am very excited about all the progress Dash has made and what the future may hold.

Thank you very much to all the team at Devon Dogs, especially Michelle who has been key to the progress we have both made.

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About the Author: I am a prep school science teacher, living in Dorset with Dash-the-hound the dachshund, and my boyfriend Seb. I found absolute dogs just over a year ago and have loved every opportunity available. We are part of the training academy, I have recently passed the pro trainer assessment and we have attended NBN, relationship boost, boundary games and 121 training at Bowerland. I am a huge advocate of the aD training methods and drive all my friends mad saying ‘there’s a game for that’! 

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