Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Photo of Indie by Christina W.

Indie & Christina’s Boost Training

My partner, my NBN doggie, Indie and myself came to Bowerland at the end of November for 5 hours of Boost training. We travelled down from Derbyshire and experienced what was a very cold weekend, but at least it did not rain !!!  So all good.

Our trainer, Michelle, was wonderful!

One of my main issues was that my dog lacks impulse control and needed some help with disengagement. Our trainer, Michelle, was wonderful! She split up the hours very nicely to fit with our 3 day stay in the annexe cottage.

Keeping Indie calm was key

We worked on getting in and out of my car without Indie barking – keeping her calm was key. We were given some good advice and we came home with a training plan which I have been working on it since we got home. During our stay we also found a lovely little quiet walk nearby – see our photo! 

This style of training is amazing

This style of NBN training is amazing as it’s something Indie enjoys and has fun with. I’ve seen so many trainers and behaviourists in the last year and never got anywhere, only an empty pocket!  So when I first saw Lauren and Tom, I thought ‘what a new concept in training’ ( excuse the pun)!

We look forward to continuing with our training. I think we’re going to join the Academy for a few months too, as we want to keep in the loop should there be any stumbling blocks/questions etc.

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Indie - parkourAbout the author: We live in Derbyshire which is very pretty and green and love spending time with my dog, Indie. I work from home, so we are together every day. I really enjoy training Indie and she enjoys parkour. We also love visiting new places and beach walks with Indie.

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