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Improving our Food & Diet

As we grow older we sometimes forget about ourselves and tend to focus on looking after others. We want to care for and protect the people closest to us and to see them achieve happiness and contentment, and this can sometimes lead to forgetting about our own needs, health and well-being.

Let’s focus on Food & Diet

We’ve talked about it before, it is quite simple really – if we eat and drink well it will lead to a healthier and hopefully longer lifespan. There are of course, many other aspects that could improve our mental and physical health, and we could make other important changes to our daily life. But first of all let’s focus on food and diet and what it means to us.

Michael Mosley

Last year I discovered the wonderful Michael Mosley and his famous diet. I loosely followed his advice and the principles of the diet and have miraculously lost weight. But even more than that, I have become very conscious of the food and drink that I put into my body.For example, carefully choosing my ‘treats’ and having them very occasionally – and not every day as I used to. 

New Standard

This is one standard that I follow and it has helped me become more aware of how many treats I was having. Also because the treats that I was rewarding myself with on a regular basis, were not really treats for my body, more like something I felt I deserved. Sometimes this was a particularly scrumptious piece of cake, or at other times a chocolate bar.  And at the end of the working day, I so looked forward to a glass of wine.

By focusing more on what was going into my body, another improvement for me was putting smaller portions on my plate and stopping eating when I was full – and not when my plate was empty. I can’t believe how much I could pile in, just because it was there on the plate!  And afterwards I couldn’t move as I felt very full and uncomfortable.

Kefir, my latest passion

That led on to me thinking about the health properties in various foods and drinks, and what we can do to improve aspects of our health, such as our immune systems. My latest passion is for Kefir, which is a cultured, fermented milk drink, similar to yogurt with a tart, sour taste. Kefir is rich in probiotic bacteria.

  1. Start off with some active kefir grains, place them in a fermenting jar, or any glass jar will do and add an amount of fresh milk, at least .
  2. Cover the jar with a lid or filter secured by a rubber band.
  3. Keep in a warm spot, 68°-85°F, to culture.
  4. This should take about 24 hours, or until milk is slightly thickened with the kefir grains fermenting at the top.
  5. After the milk changes texture and culturing is complete, separate the kefir from the milk by straining it into a bowl or jar.
  6. I tend to pop the strained kefir grains back into my washed fermenting jar, and start all over again with a new batch of milk.
  7. You can then simply drink the milk you have just strained, or pop it in the fridge to be drunk later, or mix it into a smoothie with fruit.

If anyone wants any kefir culture to start them off, let me know.  Next week I am going to share with you my favourite recipes for Kefir Smoothies!I hope you find these tips helpful. Read more of my Monday blogs HERE.

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