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Identify your Stressors & Change your Life

On a day to day basis we come across many things that stress us, and when we add them up at the end of the day, can sometimes feel overwhelming. To put this into perspective it is the daily small things that gradually wear us down.  The little niggles we come across, the tensions we feel in our bodies when we things do not go the way we expect. All these stressors add up and by the end of the day we find that they have sometimes reached boiling point, and have developed into a crescendo of worry and pain.

Stress in itself generates more stress

The more we ruminate and dwell on what stresses us, the worse we feel.  As a consequence stress can have many long lasting detrimental effects on our health and well being. Our bodies show it in numerous ways.  Some of us will develop skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis, or other issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, or mental health problems. Most of us think we can get away with working all hours without any relaxation time. We think we can deal with whatever life throws at us, we believe we can work ourselves to the bone, and be able to bounce back with just a couple of hours rest. But that is simply not the case.

Sometimes a little bit of stress is just what we need to get us up and out of a situation, but only in the short term and not to be endured for long spells at a time.  We have to be able to deal with the stress triggers that surround us and not let them build up. We need to find a way to manage our stresses in life as it is certainly not healthy to be continually in a stressed state.

Committing to ourselves

So let’s start off by thinking about one of the major elements that can be missing from our lives. This is probably the most important element, and that is finding ways to be ourselves, to be genuinely who we want to be. In other words to commit to ourselves, and to always be meaningful and to ensure we have a sense of purpose.  This is especially important as we get older, and we find that sometimes our lives have radically changed.  Perhaps we are reaching retirement or cutting down our working hours on our day job. Perhaps our home lives have radically changed, such as our children may have left home, and/or we are not needed in the roles we used to fulfil, the roles that used to take up so much of our time.

Choose to be who you really are

This is a good opportunity to ask ourselves – “Are we living our lives as we want to, or are we trying to be what other people want us to be”? And now is the perfect opportunity to make a start to change your life to the life you want, but I warn you it does take time!  Next week we will explore the many ways in which we can cut down on our stressors, and discover our true selves.

I hope you find these tips and thoughts helpful.  Read more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE.

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