The Hoopern Valley Walk

Hoopern Valley

Image of Lower Hoopern Valley and University of Exeter | Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 |  via Wikimedia Commons

The Hoopern Valley Walk is part of the Exeter Green Circle, a 12 mile walk around the boundaries of Exeter. This section of it takes you close to the city wall and through the St David’s area, taking in views of the sea and Dartmoor along the way.

To start, head to the Northern tip of Exeter to the junction of Pennsylvania Road and Stoke Valley Road. Head down Pennsylvania Road crossing over the central refuge and onto Argyll Road. Keep heading down until this road until Belvidere Road.

On Belvidere road is a nice nature reserve you can explore if you’d like to. When ready, take the path on the side through a field and into the university grounds. Stay on this path as it heads downhill and over a stream via a wooden bridge. Take the next left.

When you reach the pond, turn right and head alongside the trees next to Rennes Drive. When you reach Stocker Road turn left.At the University  entrance turn left and cross Price of Wales Road (via the crossing), before turning left and heading uphill. At the top of the hill turn right onto a footpath alongside Lower Hoopern Valley.

At the end of the footpath turn left onto Velwell Road, then turn right and cross Howell Road at the park gates. Walk through the park before turning left and crossing over New North Road. Enter St David’s churchyard (opposite Exeter College) and follow the path to St David’s Hill, turning left and passing underneath the Iron Bridge and onto Exe Street.

Keep heading along Exe Street before turning right and crossing Bonhay Road at the pedestrian turning. At this point you can either explore some more of Exeter, or turn around and re-trace your steps back to the starting point.

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Chris Green

About the Author: Chris Green works in the office at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs, using his technical expertise to assist wherever needed. In his spare time he likes playing guitar and bass, and hiking around Dartmoor.

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