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Photo by Lauren Langman

Home is Where the Heart is

The age old proverb, home is where the heart is, means the place where you want to spend most of your time, where you want to be at the end of every day.  It is the feeling of comfort and love between you and your home and family. It means that wherever you are and whoever you are with, your home and your family and friends provide the greatest emotional bond.

Sometimes we experience difficult times and find ourselves searching, and struggling to find our ‘home’. These are some of the questions we may ask ourselves from time to time:

    • Where is it? 
    • What does it look like?
    • How will I know when I’ve found it?  

How about you?

Do you feel at home in your life? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Are you in the place you ultimately want to be in? Home to some of us does not just mean the physicality of a building, but can be more of an emotional feeling. And a feeling that we sometimes share with others in our lives.  

Home is always your safe haven, your comfort zone, somewhere that you return to time and time again. Whether it is a physical place that we live in with our families and pets, or the times we spend time with our friends. But it is always a place where we can truly just be ourselves.

Ask yourself the following question to help you to find your ‘Home’ 

  1. Allow yourself 20 minutes,  find a peaceful place, grab a pen and notebook
  2. Write freestyle without correction, on what the word home means to you
  3. It could be a place that exists already; a building, a location, or even a feeling or emotion
  4. It could be a fantasy; your dream home, where you want to escape to when life gets too busy or complicated
  5. At the end of 20 minutes read over what you have written, highlighting any words or sentences that stand out for you

This exercise will open up the meaning of home to you, but whatever or wherever your home is, hang onto it. It is our homes, (no matter what these may be), that keep us safe and happy. If you get stuck, have a look at “Wherever you go – there you are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn. (Audible and Book) His meditation techniques are really helpful in listening to your heart.

I would be very interested to hear how you have got on. Please feel free to share your own ideas – I would love to hear from you! Read more of my Monday blogs HERE.

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