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Heroic Harold to the Rescue

This week’s TRUE Saturday dog story features a heroic dog named Harold from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. You could call this week’s post a ‘dog save dog’ story – in reality, it’s actually a dog saves SIX dogs story!

The Grand Strand Humane Society (GSHS) in Myrtle Beach is a shelter for dogs in need of a home, one of whom is Harold.

Shortly before Christmas Harold was lucky enough to be adopted by some new owners. However, for unknown reasons his new family decided they wouldn’t be able to keep him and returned him to the shelter, much to the staff’s dismay. Harold, who was the longest resident at the shelter, simply “wasn’t the right fit” for his new family.

In January 2019, having settled back into life at the shelter Harold was taken on walks regularly by one of the volunteers. On one such occasion he started acting strangely by as they walked past a loading area. He begun sniffing around the area and circling, eventually focusing on and refusing to leave a large Tupperware container.

To the volunteer’s surprise, inside the container were 6 abandoned puppies. Thankfully, they all were still alive and well the volunteer immediately grabbed the container and brought the puppies back to the shelter for food and care.

Harold is credited as saving the puppies lives, and rightly so! Without his keen sense of smell and desire to help, the abandoned puppies surely wouldn’t have made it. GHSH posted: “He truly is a hero and six puppies owe their lives to him. Just one more reason to love our sweet Harold!”

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