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Healthy Ways to Avoid Stress

The relationship between stress and disease has been explored by modern scientists over many years resulting in a number of ways in which we can help ourselves to avoid stressful situations.  

Just to be clear, stress is not simply just nervous tension – both people and animals can experience stress without even being aware of its presence. Think about the potential damage that does!

We instinctively know that mind and body are inseparable and that what affects one, affects both. But how many of us listen to our body when our body says no to what we ask it to do?  Even if our instincts scream out at us to take care of ourselves, we have trained ourselves to ignore these requests. We keep on with the task in hand, rather that what our innermost self is shouting out. But we do this at our own peril!

Love and Affection

Human Beings have an overwhelming need for love and affection amongst other things. We suffer long term effects by not being able to show our true feelings, and by suppressing our anger. We often hold back, and bite our tongues and instead keep pushing ourselves on, regardless of the harm we are doing.

We need to learn ways to gain emotional competence to protect ourselves from hidden stress. To be emotionally competent we need to have the ability to feel and express our emotions effectively. We can help to achieve this by setting up habits that start to shift our thinking, and help to shift our mindset.

Here is my first tip to help to start you on the health path to avoid stress:

Create a daily Affirmation

Make sure it is powerful and succinct. Write it down and make sure you speak it out loud every morning, repeating it for at least 2 or 3 minutes. Try to imagine yourself as that person living that life. During the day repeat your affirmation as often as you can. Even if you are not able to say it aloud, say it inside your head. And change your affirmation to suit your needs.

Affirmations could be anything you want, for example:

      • I am calm and free of stress
      • I am happy beyond belief
      • I am confident and courageous
      • I live my life to the full

Start today, start as you mean to go on! 

You are programming your subconscious mind in order to dictate the outcome of your life. You are taking control and feeding your brain positive, life changing information. You are programming it for success. By repeating your affirmation every day you are making a statement of intent.

Next week we will look at other healthy ways in which to avoid stress. Check out more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE

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