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healthy eating

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Healthy Eating 2020

One of the key action points on my goals for 2020 is all around diet and healthy eating. Making healthy changes and looking after myself through diet. It should be fairly easy and straightforward, don’t you think? However, the truth of the matter is that it is easy to get excited, to get buzzed up by a new idea, or action plan.  But harder to stick to it. I don’t know about you, but I find that I have a lot of great intentions to start with, but I find that I slip by the wayside after a while.

The important thing about making changes in life, is to actually make them happen.

Albert Einstein wrote “If you always do what you always did – You will always get what you always got”.  And isn’t that true!  So here I am, thinking through how I am going to make these changes in what I consume, in order to have a healthier diet.

Cutting down on meat

I am starting with cutting down on my meat intake.  I didn’t actually follow Veganuary 2020, did you?  But I certainly slowed down my intake of meat. We are surrounded by some fantastic butchers, here at Bowerland. So I know that when we do eat meat, it is well sourced. But for a long time now I have inched towards cutting out meat. Perhaps not in total, but certainly cutting it down to once a week.

Organic Produce

My next resolution is around eating more organic, locally grown, vegetables and we have a fantastic Harvest Workers Co-op Ltd veg shop in the town of Okehampton, just a few short miles away. My resolution is to visit the shop every couple of days to stock up on their lovely produce.  

In order to make sure I follow these healthy changes to my diet it is important to make it into a habit.  And the guidance around setting yourself a new habit is that you start in a small way.  So for me that is fairly straightforward.

Local Shopping

I often pop into the shops at Okehampton, and now, instead of buying my fruit and veg from the supermarket, I will visit the veg shop instead. Once you are in the veg shop it is so easy to be tempted by the lovely unusual vegetables they have available. As well as a fridge stocked up with things like Sauerkraut, sprouting beans, and local cows milk. Free range eggs, sourdough bread and many more examples of good wholesome f00d.

That takes care of 2 of my action points – Cutting down on my meat intake and eating more locally grown vegetables.

Next week I will look at other changes I am going to make in my diet.  Why don’t you join in with me and see what you can achieve, see what would work for you in order to have a healthier eating plan?

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