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Harvest Ritual for Abundance by Carole Langman

The Autumn Equinox falls every year on a date between September 21 and September 24. This year the Equinox falls on Monday 23rd September. For many of us, Autumn is enjoyable because of its festivals, cosy home comforts, beautiful woodland colours and hearty pumpkin soup. F. Scott Fitzgerald was of the opinion that “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall!”

Cleansing Properties

Traditionally Chinese medicine calls for us to enjoy the last of the summer’s fruit for their cleansing properties. And as the temperatures begin to drop outside, Ayurvedic wisdom encourages us to eat warming foods such as soups and stews in order to heat us up from the inside. And don’t forget the healing qualities of garlic, which helps to fend off colds and infections. Warming spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon remind us of the festive season still ahead of us. 

This is also a time to let go, to pluck the fruit from the vines, to end the growing cycle of fertility for the year. This time of year ends in solitude as we gather around our hearths and homes. A great time to take stock, to review our lives in preparation for the coming months.

A last burst of energy

The Autumn brings a last burst of energy for the year, followed by a time of settling down, of more solitary activities. Contemplate the questions below, in order to celebrate the harvest of your life during 2019. These are my suggestions for making your own personal inventory of the year:

  • Think about what has come to fruition for you and what hasn’t?
  • Are there any seeds you wish you had planted in hindsight?
  • What do you think has grown well and why, and how much time have you devoted to it?
  • What, on the other hand, has withered and died and why, is it due to your neglect?

Harvest Ritual for Abundance

 Moving forward, here are my top tips of creating your very own harvest ritual for abundance for the coming months:

  1. Find a comfortable, private place to sit and allow yourself at least 20 minutes.  Make sure you are not disturbed. Select an inspiring notebook, something that sings out to you, to record your feelings and any future plans you may come up with.
  2. Think about the above points from your personal inventory, and recall your most notable moments during the year so far.  Review your goals and intentions from January and see what has happened so far, and decide on anything you want to let go.  Write down anything that has happened that made you feel good, anything that particularly sticks out for you.
  3. Review the list you have made and narrow it down to 5 key points that you are drawn strongly to, the ones that you feel really reflect the you inside, the person you want to be.
  4. Think about any items or objects that reflect and remind you of these moments, and place them somewhere where you can see them easily, where they can be prominently displayed.  These are your fruits of the year, your very own harvest.
  5. Be mindful that what you see in front of you is enough.  That the season of Autumn supports abundance, and what you have gathered is enough for you.  Accept it with grace and dignity.

Be in touch with what really matters

Celebrating your own harvest can be more difficult that you think.  We often don’t connect with what we have done or achieved, we often feel it is not enough.  Don’t spend too much time in your head space worrying about what hasn’t worked out, what you haven’t done. Instead spend more time feeling grounded, being in touch with what really matters.  

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