Friday Favourites – Grimm TV Series


Recently I’ve been binge-watching an American TV series called Grimm, and would highly recommend it. The show focuses on a detective in Portland called Nick Burkhardt who one day finds out he is a ‘Grimm’ and starts to see monsters and creatures from Germanic fairy-tale folklore.

Known as ‘Wesen’, these creatures are only visible to each other and Grimms, and can disguise themselves as ordinary humans to everyone else. Nick soon learns that Grimms are meant to hunt Wesen, and the show is about him finding a balance between his new powers and his role as a detective.

To begin with each episode mainly revolves around Nick solving a Wesen-related crime, but over time larger plots, conspiracies and rivalries begin to emerge. The last season was aired in 2017, and my partner and I were so hooked that we watched the entirety of it last weekend. Now that we’ve finished all the episodes we need to find something else to watch – does anyone have any recommendations?

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Chris Green

About the Author: Chris Green works in the office at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs, using his technical expertise to assist wherever needed. In his spare time he likes playing guitar and bass, and hiking around Dartmoor.

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