Grand Western Canal

Photo by Lewis Clarke | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Grand Western Canal Country Park

This week we are heading to Grand Western Canal Country Park near Tiverton in Devon. This is a slightly longer walk at 5 miles in length, so make sure you leave at least 2 hours to complete it.

You should be able to find a parking space at the Tiverton Road Bridge, near the picnic area next to the canal. Once you’re ready to head out, cross over the sandstone bridge and turn left onto the canal. Turn left to go under the bridge and follow the canal on your right hand side.
As you follow the canal you can enjoy lots of pretty sights including a range or flowers such as waterlillies, and wildlife such as mallards, herons and kingfishers.
Cross over the canal when you reach Crownhill Bridge, turn left and continue along the tow path. You should pass alongside an aqueduct, beyond which you’ll be able to see the Blackdown Hills. Keep going along the path and you’ll pass East Manley Bridge, Manley Bridge and Warnicombe Bridge. If you’re lucky you’ll see a bright horse-drawn barge here.
Keep going along the path and you’ll reach another bridge, Tidcombe Bridge. You’ll now be at the edge of Tiveton, and should see some neat gardens next to the water’s edge. Keep on the path as it goes underneath a footpath and next to an old stone pier on the opposite bank. At the end of your journey you’ll reach the canal basin. To get back to your car simply turn around and re-trace your steps.

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