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good vibrations

Photo by Dave Francis from Pixabay

Good Vibrations by Carole Langman

How often do you really think about the vibes we give out and pick up? And how a vibe can affect our moods, our feelings, our enjoyment of life?

Raising Consciousness

Good vibrations can include kindness, compassion, acceptance and just generally a ‘feel good’ sensation. Vibrations can raise our consciousness, forgiveness and love. Plus they improve the quality of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. Conversely, they can also bring us down.

Our Response-Ability

Our moods rise and fall based on our attitude and reactions to others. How they affect us and vice-versa. The whole vibe of a place, a person, a situation can change everything. Sometimes you can practically feel it in the air. Do you remember the popular saying, ‘You could cut the atmosphere with a knife?” This is obviously relating to a bad vibe, an unhappy place or situation. 

The vibe can change in a lightening sweep. One moment all is well, everything is quietly ticking along peacefully. Then something happens, something occurs. Perhaps a different person walks into the room, or someone has a difficult phone conversation. And everything feels different. I remember a good friend of mine saying that certain people can either drain you, or fill you up. A bit like a radiator! I believe that certain places are like that as well. 

The Healing Power of Nature

Walking in the fresh air, seeing new life all around me, I always find that gives me a real lift.  We can all pick up the great vibes from nature.  We cannot change others and how they behave or act, but we can change our attitude. We can support ourselves, and look after ourselves. Perhaps by spending more time outdoors, and by being more patient and more understanding. And most of all, by being kind. Kindness is one of the many traits that we can all improve on and kindness makes such a difference.

Let go of judgement

So this week try to be kind, try to improve the vibes around you. And if all else fails, remove yourself from a situation, person or place. Don’t carry any bad vibes with you. Let go of judgements, free yourself up and make Good Vibrations instead.

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