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Easy Steps – Goal Setting in 2020

In our January posts we are focusing here at Bowerland on Aims and Resolutions for 2020. And to start with, we want to concentrate on goal setting – which is the very first thing you need to do is to define your goals. If you are not going looking in the right direction you will find it very difficult to set the right goals for you. 

Questions to ask ourselves are – What is your driving force behind your desires, what is your real passion in life? Is it something you want, or is it something that we’re feeling drawn to due to? Your goals need real substance in order to be sustainable. I have found the following questions helpful to me when setting my goals for 2020:

  1. What do I want to be, to own, and to do this coming year?  Balance this with your way of life, your family, your finances, health and hobbies etc
  2. Why do I want the above?
  3. How will I achieve these steps and blend it into my weekly goal setting?

This is how I am going to begin my goal setting plan. To start with write down your main goals, your big goals. These goals could be set over a 5 year plan, and then broken down into short, mid and long term.  Then prioritise your goals by considering them individually. Which ones shine out to you?  Set aside a specific time to work on your goals, for example, the first hour of every day.  Take time each day to look at your values and goals.  This will give you a sense of meaning and purpose.  It will also help you to focus your time and energy to get it done. Make sure you focus on one task at a time, and stick to your goals and don’t let go until they are done.

I have separated my goals into long term and short term to make it easier for myself, perhaps you may want to do this?  Catch up with me next week to see how I am getting on.  I would love to hear what your goals are?

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