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Give yourself the best Self Care in 2021

And here we are – already it is 2021, and with the start of the New Year behind us, this is the time to think of our very own self care! Of course, it goes without saying, that we are all hoping for a better year this year and in these uncertain times, and in the middle of lockdown, it is even more important to think about ourselves. We have weeks, if not months, ahead of us with lots of restrictions in place, therefore now will be a perfect time to put the best self care measures into place. 

Help yourself

First of all, the important thing to remember, is that you need to look after yourself first, even before you concentrate on anyone else. This can be difficult for most of us, especially if you have lived your life wanting to care and protect others in the world, such as your family, your friends, and the greater universe around you. But as you know, if you aren’t at optimum health and fitness, then you won’t be in a good position to be able to help anyone else. 

Check out my self care 2021 tips below:

  1. It is important to stop the self-critic and be kinder to yourself. Change your inner voice from one of criticism to one of care and compassion.
  2. Face up to any pain and suffering that is inside of you. We often avoid any unhappy emotions we are experiencing and think of them as negative. We try to take our minds off the subject that causes us pain. But it is more helpful if we can investigate what is happening in our inner world. Remember to be open minded, curious and non-judgemental.
  3. Questions to ask ourselves are:
    1. What is it that triggers these feelings of anger or shame?
    2. What is it that is stopping us from digging deeper to resolve the issues?
    3. What is this pain all about?
    4. Why do I feel like this?
    5. What would be the most helpful thing that I could do for myself right now?


It is really good to develop a strong insight into ourselves, how we tick and what works for us. There are many ways in which we can find a balance, a level playing field. One thing to try out would be to start with some meditation apps. I personally like Calm, or Headspace. These apps help to ground and settle us, especially if we listen to them at the beginning of our day. They are also great in the middle of the night if we are struggling with sleep.


Many well known psychologists suggest that we can learn to ease our stress and feelings of panic by undertaking breathing exercises. There are a number of helpful books on the market, by authors such as Arianna Huffington and Matthew Walker to name just a few.

Try speaking to yourself in a kind and caring way, similar to how you would speak with a valued friend who was going through some difficulties. Physically hug yourself, give yourself love and attention and surround yourself with loving feelings, with warmth and care.

Create your own compassionate mindset and recognise what your own needs are. Try to take away the fear within you, the fear of not being enough, or of not being loved. Make a commitment to yourself for 2021 and develop your own self care ritual.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Keep a daily journal to provide you with the opportunity to learn new habits as you view the lessons learnt from old experiences.
  • Devote some time every day to activities you enjoy doing that help you to focus on your needs, anything from reading, painting, listening to music etc
  • Nourish your body in order to keep optimum health. Food and drink provides us with many by-products that help us to feel better. Treat yourself with healthy smoothies, and natural, unprocessed snacks 

Finally, set up your environment in order to change your patterns of behaviour.  This will ensure that your new self care rituals and routines become automatic, and an everyday part of your life.

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