Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.
Back on Track

Sunny Bowerland

Getting your Life Back on Track!

Here in the UK, as we slowly lift out of lockdown, we are all looking forward to getting our lives back on track. The sun is shining, the mood is upbeat, and it’s a lovely time of year for fresh beginnings, and to start again!

As we follow the guidelines around meeting outdoors, we appreciate the joys we have missed. We can return to our dog training groups and classes, and very soon we will be able to stay overnight in self catering accommodation such as the wonderful holiday cottages at Bowerland.   

We are feeling optimistic about the future and we have so much to look forward to in the coming months. Of course we still need to be careful and follow the social distancing guidelines, washing our hands frequently, keeping safe and hopefully keeping the virus at bay. And we cannot forget the past year and the sadness and pain that has occurred across the whole world. 

Some of us have set new goals, and started new hobbies or projects

We’ve learnt different ways to connect with people. And now we can rejoice in the ability to meet up in person again. Grandparents are aching to see their grandchildren and vice versa. Friends are now able to make physical contact once more and enjoy time together outside in the wonderful fresh air.

But let’s not forget the support and guidance we have learnt throughout last year that has helped to get through one of the most difficult times of our lives. We’ve learnt new coping skills, and new ways of looking after ourselves that can help us from now on.

What lessons do you want to take with you? 

What are the important points you’ve learnt from the past 12 months?  

    • Love and Friendships – connecting with others is crucial to happiness
    • Self Care – slowing down and finding new ways to manage stress and anxiety
    • Appreciating the little things in life – taking time to do the things you love that you never made time for before
    • Work Life Balance – enjoying your life, appreciating every moment
    • Compassion and care for others – there are so many examples that lift our hearts, such as the NHS staff in general, and other key workers that have kept us going

Getting back on track

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, some people will want to take every opportunity to get out and about, but some of us may feel hesitant or reluctant about socialising. It all depends on your own personal circumstances and it may take some time to adapt to life changes once more.  But take your time, make your choices, do what is best for you.  There are many things to look forward to, all in your own time.

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