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Get your Life Back on Track!

At certain points and stages in life we find ourselves taking stock of where we are, and where we want to be. It is helpful to take a long hard view of ourselves and our situation. This can also be the perfect time to re-adjust and get your life back on track. Make a go at what you want out of life before you actually run out of time. 

So to start with, give yourself a set time plan, say a period of between 5 – 10 years in order to correct and set yourselves back on the path you want to be on. 

Here are my Top Tips:

  1. Health – eat well, drink in moderation, and make sure you take in good healthy fruit and veg every day.  And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  Make sure you exercise with weights, and take up a sport such as tennis – although it needn’t be too energetic. Even brisk walking would help!
  2. Creativity – fire up your imagination by exploring thoughts, passions and ideas. Express yourself in a way that suits you, be that art, writing, sculpture or something different. Get absorbed, get involved, get passionate! Commit to at least 2 hours each and every week.
  3. Discover what it is you want to do that you haven’t done already. Dream about it, think about it. Write it down, make a list. Try to do what you want to do and plan out ways in how you can make it happen.
  4. Have a go at volunteering – try out something you have thought about but never got round to.  Go for it, and give it a go, don’t hold back.  I have always had a yearning for helping out on one of the Raleigh projects for example, perhaps now is the time to do something about it. Promise yourself that you will offer up at least 4 hours a month.

This is the Time of your Life

Here and now, this is the moment. Follow your dreams by making a list of all that you want to achieve across all of the points above. Break it down into manageable chunks;  1 year – 2 years – 5 years – 10 years. Only you can make it happen and do it now, before time runs away with you.

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