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Photo by Lauren Langman

Gardening to Boost your Health & Well- Being

As we are all experiencing difficult times at the moment, some of us turn to gardening as a way of calming our thoughts, and energising our moods. Of course it is a well known fact that gardening is especially good for your sense of well being.

Whilst many of us already know of the beneficial values of gardening, there is more scientific evidence around these days to prove it.  There is so much we can gain, right from the early days of dreaming and planning of what your garden is going to look like, through to the preparation and practical input. This of course includes the planting, and all stages of watching your plants grow, right through to the wonderful plants, flowers and shrubs that are the end result.

Improving our Environment and having FUN!

I am one of those people that actively enjoys the plotting and planning stages and each year I focus on a different area in our wonderful gardens here at Bowerland, in which to concentrate on.  I am a firm believer that gardens and plants improve our environment and help to protect us from pollution. And think of all the fun to have whilst you are digging, weeding, preparing your plot, planting, pruning and of course reaping the benefits, the rewards of all your labour. 

Unleash your creativity

There are many ways in which you can unleash your creativity in a garden. As well as the actual plants, trees and shrubs, you can give old garden furniture a new lease of life with a new coat of paint. You could even make your own furniture out of old pallets, or furniture you have lurking around. 

This year my focus is on the back area of our house, where I am trying to achieve ground coverage, colour, and scent.  And of course my aim is to make it as maintenance free as possible. It is a slow process, but at long last there is some colour, some structure, and a theme emerging. It has been particularly difficult this year due to the nurseries and garden centres being closed for quite a while. Thankfully they are now mostly open again.

So many benefits at any budget

There are very few other hobbies or activities that provide us with so many benefits that gardening does, and that fits all budgets. You can grow numerous plants from seed, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing actual plants themselves.  And many people share their seedlings, or swap them even. There are so many choices, depending on colour, scent, and all are different shapes and sizes.  The biggest obstacle can often be in deciding where to start!

I wish you luck with your gardens this year, and would love to see photos of your projects, your plants and your achievements.

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