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gaining confidence

Photo by Janie

Gaining Confidence by Janie Lou

There’s something about having a Naughty but Nice dog that can be pretty lonely. It’s only when you meet people who really understand that you can start to find confidence in your relationship with your dog, and your ability to train them. Coming to Devon Dogs gave us just what we needed – a confidence boost that helped us trust we are on the right track, and the training detail that makes all the difference to its success.

Coming to Devon Dogs made the biggest difference to our confidence as dog owners

We were lucky enough to discover Absolute Dogs after the hardest first year, when we felt like the only people in the world whose dog didn’t play by the rules! Watching our first AD videos was like coming home, because finally there were dogs who were like ours, and owners having the same struggles. After 6 months we joined the Training Academy and we have got so much from that, but it’s been coming to Devon Dogs that’s made the biggest difference to our confidence as dog owners.

The trainers gave us real confidence

That’s because watching the games and doing the programmes online is great, but (as Lauren and Tom say) every dog is different. And it can be the way you play a game that brings the best results. We worked with Tracey and Maxine, both of whom have Naughty but Nice dogs themselves. They really looked at our dog – adjusted the pace or duration of games to suit her, analysed what her struggles were and, most of all, gave us real confidence in our own ability to go home and trust in what we are doing. As well as training games, we did fitness and scenting sessions, which have been great additions to our learning.

The Annexe Studio

We stayed at the Annexe, which works well if you’re doing intensive training, as it’s so near the training area. We did the Supercharged package, and by the end of each day we had all learned so much that we pretty much went to sleep once we got back – pretty good for an NBN dog! For us, the hours in a supercharged package would have been better over more days – it was a lot to pack in and next time, if possible, we’d do less hours over the 4 days, to allow the learning to sink in more.

Thank you to everyone at Devon Dogs – it’s a hugely positive, friendly, supportive and peaceful place to stay and train which has given us our confidence and our smiles back. ~ Janie Lou

gaining confidence

About the Author: Janie lives north of London with her black, hairy NBN dog who is 2 years 8 months old. Favourite pastimes are car rides, playing goalie, pilfering strawberries and running like the wind. Favourite games are Middle, Funder, Magic Hand, Fill your Boots and 300 Steps.

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