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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Easy Ways to Gain Energy in your Personal Space

Your energy influences any space you inhabit. And it is a 2-way process, everything and everyone is connected in some way.  You influence the space you occupy and in turn your environment influences you. The energy of a space changes when you do a certain action, so therefore it helps to pay attention to your actions and any subsequent changes you sense. Some people have a physical sensation, whereas others have more of an intuitive feeling. Learn to trust in your feelings, and your experiences as these are vital in making any changes to improve the energy in your personal space.

Clearing spaces that you occupy is the first step

It is great fun and shouldn’t be too difficult. But first make sure you feel strong, clear and centred within your own energy body. To begin the work on clearing your personal space, make a start by really taking notice of  the space, really getting to know it first.  As if you haven’t seen it before, make a start at one point and walk around the perimeter of the space.  Noticing everything.  Opening drawers, cupboards, looking behind doors and on shelves. Really get the feel of it. Pick up on any sensations you have, notice any feelings you are experiencing when you are in any part of the room.

Learn to trust yourself and your experiences

You probably already know how things feel when they are in harmony. And of course you will also know when things are not in harmony. You know when something is not feeling right. You can sense that. Your home needs to be a safe and comfortable place to live, and your workspace somewhere in which you can be productive.

Break up and wake up the energy

Once you have really got the feel of the space, the next step is to break up and wake up the energy. You can do this in a number of ways, simply by letting air flow through, ringing a hand bell, you can talk, or sing as you go whatever is best for you and your space. Give extra attention to those hidden areas, in and around furniture, behind doors etc. 


The next step is to cleanse – you can of course start by actually sucking up any dust or dirt, and mopping and cleaning with soapy water and cloth. The products you use are important. Be selective and choose what is right for you. The next step is further cleanse, by using other methods. For example, you can burn a sage stick or sage bundle, you can use incense sticks, or if you prefer, aromatherapy oils, making sure whatever you use is directed throughout the whole space.  


Once your space is good and clean, you want to keep it that way, you want to contain and protect the energy within it. You can do this in a number of ways, I love to have crystals around me, and oil diffusers filled with essential oils.  Some people put bowls of salt, table salt, red Hawaiian salt, hidden around which is supposed to absorb stagnant energy.

You could also put up wind chimes near windows, or entrances. As long as you are creative and use what is meaningful to you, that is the main point.  The best and most simple way is to keep the space tidy and clean and filled with items that give you joy.

Keep on top of the energy in your space, and you will notice the difference! Check out more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE.  

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