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furniture fun

Furniture Fun with your Dog by Kelly Murrell

Being creative is what dog training is all about! This week, we’ll be looking at ordinary household furniture and turning it into ultimate training games and fun! Furniture games grow so many concepts – have a blast and give them a go!

The Kitchen Bin

There’s nothing rubbish about the games you can play with a bin! Here’s some ideas for you to try with your dog:

    1. Go around the bin
    2. Two paws on the top
    3. Press the foot peddle with either a paw or nose
    4. (when the bin is empty!) Roll the bin with your two front feet

The Chair

Now isn’t the time to be sitting down! Grab that chair and play these games with your dog:

    1. Commando crawl underneath
    2. Go around the chair
    3. Weave through the legs
    4. Lie down underneath
    5. Two paws on the seat cushion
    6. Hop it up onto the seat cushion

The sofa cushions

Sofa cushions have so many uses for super fun games with your dog. They also provide some fitness and body awareness fun too! Here are some ideas:

    1. Stack two cushions on top of each and play 2 paws on. The wobble provides confidence and fitness fun!
    2. Build a tunnel with the sofa cushions for another fun confidence game!
    3. Use stacked sofa cushions as an object for your dog to go around!
    4. Play boundary games with the sofa cushion!
    5. Ask for different behaviours while your dog is on the sofa cushion!

The Ironing Board

Ironing is probably the worst household chore, so from now on we give you permission to utilise this piece of equipment for dog training purposes only! Here are some games ideas involving the ironing board…

    1. With the ironing board flat on the ground, bait pieces of food along it for your dog to follow
    2. Two paws on – front and back
    3. Behaviours whilst on the ironing board
    4. With the ironing board slightly raised, lure your dog through commando crawl-style
    5. With the ironing board fully raised, lure your dog through the legs
    6. With the ironing board fully raised, drape a large sheet over it, pop some food on the floor behind the sheet, and watch your dog work out how to get to it

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