Knightshayes – a National Trust property in Bolham, Devon


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Knightshayes is a beautiful gothic style country estate with a wonderful garden and park. There is so much to see and do there, you need a full day to cover it all. It is situated in Bolham, nr Tiverton, Devon, and is about 7 miles from the M5, exit 27. There are wonderful walks you can take with your dogs, even if the house and gardens itself are closed.

Make sure you visit the house, it is a fine example of a Victorian Gothic Revival house, with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. The minsters gallery for one. William Burges, the architect, designed many of the features. The grand staircase is engraved with some amazing figures of dogs and leads up to many wonderful rooms to explore. Glance up at the ceiling and spot the elaborate and fanciful decorations that has a story to tell.

One of my most favourite places at Knightshayes is the walled gardens. This was also designed by Burges and has been lovingly restored in 2003. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility makes it a serene place to visit. There is an ongoing project to restore one of the original victorian glass houses.

The best place to finish your exploration is at either the Stables cafe or the Conservatory tea room. Both offer a great selection, and where you can rest up and people watch for a while.

Don’t forget to visit the Gift Shop before you leave.  There are always so many things to tempt you. Choose from a memento for yourself or why not buy a present for a friend? There are fresh organic fruit and veg, or gifts such as books and puzzles. I never leave empty handed. More often than not, I purchase a plant, something to remind me of my visit.

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