Teignmouth to Shaldon Ferry, Teignmouth Harbour, Image by Rosser1954 (Own work) | CC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Teignmouth – a small town situated on the north bank of the river Teign

Teignmouth is an lovely place to visit. Although the majority of visitors head towards the small town and seafront, Teignmouth still retains a commercial port which is an added bonus to the great benefit of locals and visitors alike. Apparently the Teignmouth to Sheldon ferry service has been in existence since at least the 13th Century!

There are plenty of places to eat and drink. You can stop for a bite to eat in the shopping area, or head back over towards the sea front. If you have time try out along Back Beach – which is facing the Estuary. Try a visit to the Carlton Theatre, for films and theatre entertainment. There is also the Broadmeadow Sports Centre, or you can go for a walk along the Templer Way, if you want something more active. Teignmouth still retains its Grand Pier, although it has been battered by the storms, but it is still worth a visit.

Parking can be difficult in high season, although there are plenty of spaces, the numbers of visitors head straight towards the sea-front so unless you get their early, you will have to look around for a space. There are a few small car parks dotted around, mostly short term one, so you should eventually find a parking spot. Most people head either for the sea front, or the shopping area. You can take a brisk walk along and admire the sea views, or take a look in the shops. Or why not do both? There are many of the usual shops to see as well as some interesting local independent shops.

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