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Bowerland is fortunate to have Wendy Bowman giving us her insight into her favourite thing to do. She is a fantastic creator of home furnishings and is based at Kigbeare Studios and Galleries.

The making of cushions for me is a past time, hobby, and income earner which I have found myself in by chance and not by design. I have always enjoyed sewing from a very early age having been given a “toy” Singer sewing machine at the age of 7 or 8. When I was young I used to sew all my dolls clothes on this toy machine! I went on to make my own clothes (on a “proper” machine) as a young teenager. It was great fun experimenting with adapting patterns to suit me.

After I married, I continued to be creative in all sorts of handicrafts, which included knitting, crochet and embroidery.  When the children came along I made some of their clothes. I also enjoyed the soft furnishing side of sewing. This seemed to work well with owning a home and I made curtains, cushions etc. It was also great to make something to give for birthday presents. When Christmas came along, I made Christmas presents and added to the Christmas décor. Homemade presents were the norm when the children were small and growing up and it gave me something else to do while being a mom and homemaker.

Times and circumstances changed and I had less time to pursue this hobby. My creative side lay dormant for a good couple of years. Recently I was given the opportunity to move from London to Okehampton. With this move I was given access to an area and space to sew in an undisturbed environment. This is absolutely crucial to me. Anyone who sews or does craft work will value the opportunity to get up from a sewing or craft table and leave it as it is.  The next day the work can be picked up where it had been left off.

The area that I work in is now called The Haven and I decided in order to generate income I would go back to what I knew best, making cushions and soft furnishings! My life has changed dramatically from living in London for the past 12 years. I now get up in the morning and have the freedom to make different cushions and other soft furnishings in The Haven. They are displayed in the gallery at Kigbeare where they can be viewed. I also take orders if there is any cushion on my Facebook page that someone would like.

Look out for my tips and advice on how you can also create your own cushions in next week’s Friday Favourites!

wendyAbout the Author: Wendy has coupled her love of making cushions and other soft furnishings with Complementary therapies. She focusses on Reiki and Energy Healing together with Massage. Wendy is fortunate to have a clinic area adjoining her sewing area. You can find her on Facebook under The Haven, Okehampton, and the website of Kigbeare Studios and Gallery.

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