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Kigbeare Studios and Gallery is situated in its own beautiful woodlands just three miles from the town of Okehampton, on the edge of Dartmoor.

It is Open Studios at Kigbeare until 21st September. Visitors will be able to visit the artists in their studios as well as the lovely gallery. Maddy and Phil, the owners of Kigbeare Studios and Gallery will be on hand to chat and show you around.

Make sure you enjoy a cuppa and a slice of cake whilst you are there!

A Brief History of Kigbeare

Kigbeare Manor Farm may well occupy the site of a much older manorial settlement, documented in the Domesday Book (1086AD). The present farm buildings are marked on the mid-19th century parish Tithe Map. These are thought to be at least 18th or 19th century in origin. An archaeological assessment carried out on the wider area identified a number of significant sites in the vicinity of the farmstead. This includes a deserted medieval settlement, which has been dated by excavation to the 13th/14th century.

It is possible that Kigbeare was formerly a more extensive settlement in medieval times, which has since shrunk to the size of a single farmstead. The focus of historic interest on this farmstead is, therefore, not just the traditional farm buildings, but also the high potential for below-ground archaeological remains in the vicinity of the farmhouse that may reflect medieval or earlier settlement.

It is thought that the name comes from the French, Cache Bergere, translated as place of the shepherds and came to be pronounced as Kigbeare.

Present day

The farmhouse, cottages and outbuildings have been restored to provide a complex of ten studio workshops. There is also a beautiful gallery set around a landscaped courtyard, which has won numerous architectural awards. The present farm house occupies the site of the original Manor House.

It is a unique and exciting place to visit or learn a new skill. Visitors can walk in the woods, enjoy the daffodils and blue bells in the spring, or just walk along the babbling brook.

The studios are filled with various creative people all enjoying their skill:  there is a jeweller, two artists, and a soap maker. The resident potter also has her own pottery studio. The main pottery houses eight wheels, in which different pottery courses are held throughout the year. Well-known potters enjoy holding their workshops here. With pottery being a big focus at Kigbeare, a new Anagama kiln is in the process of being built. The Anagama kiln is a wood fired kiln and was brought to Japan from China, via Korea in the 5th century. For more details and directions please visit, or follow them on Facebook.

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