Hera – Goddess of Marriage, Commitment Maker & Wife


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Hera, the first lady of Olympus, was one of the most respected divinities of ancient Greece.

She was known as being stately, regal and beautiful and her name is thought to mean ‘Great Lady.’ Hera is the feminine version of the greek word, hero. She was the consort of Zeus, the supreme god of the Olympians. Her symbols were the sacred cow, the Milky Way, the lily and the peacock’s tailfeather ‘eyes.’

Hera was the child of Rhea and Cronos and was swallowed by her father as soon as she was born. She emerged later as a young girl. She grew up to be a lovely goddess and soon attracted the eye of Zeus who was the chief god. Their honeymoon was said to have lasted 300 years.

After the honeymoon Zeus returned to his promiscuous ways. Hera was humiliated by his affairs and took out her wrath on his numerous other women. Although she was vindictive in her actions, she was greatly revered. After her humiliation with his affairs, she was also known to wander to the ends of the earth and the sea.

There were 3 occasions during the year when Hera was especially worshipped.  These were:

  • Spring – Hera Parthenos, worshipped as the Maiden
  • Summer & Autumn – Hera Teleia, worshipped as the Perfect One
  • Winter – Hera Chera, worshipped as the widow

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