Greek Mythology

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Greece & Greek Mythology

Having just returned from a holiday in Greece, where we enjoyed a couple of weeks on the beautiful Mani coast, we decided to spend the last few days in Athens. I have always loved Greece, but normally visit one of the islands. This time, with help from our dear friends and travelling companions, we opted for mainland Greece. The wonderful city of Athens engulfs you in its historic past, together with a very colourful and vibrant present. We stayed at the Plaka District, which is more of a tourist destination than other parts of Athens, but was really good fun and very entertaining.

On reaching Athens, the place I most wanted to visit was the Acropolis. We set off early one morning, and to my amazement, it was raining. In fact, it was raining quite a lot, which is rather unusual for Athens. Nevertheless we set off, a bit later than planned, hoping that it would blow over, which it did eventually. We trekked up the hill where we could see the ancient city in front of us, tempting us towards our goal.

greek mythology 2The great Acropolis is a truly amazing place to visit. The archeological site of the ancient citadel sits high above the city Athens. Contained within the site are the remains of several important buildings that have huge significance to our lives today. The monuments of the Acropolis stand in harmony within its natural setting. The Parthenon is perhaps the greatest of them all.  The views of the city from this great height are stunning. I was also surprised to see quite a few cats up there. And they looked fairly well fed, and content – just unusual to see them against the backdrop of the ancient site.

We spent hours looking around the ruins, and eventually made our way out towards the Acropolis museum. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to visit the museum before we visited the site, as we learnt so much about the background there. We discovered that the Acropolis is primarily dedicated to its patron, the Goddess Athena, who was so important in the history of Greece that she was named after Athens itself.

During the time we were in Greece, and especially in Athens, I started to think much more about Greek Mythology and how important it still is in our lives today. Over the coming weeks I am going to be giving you my version and interpretation of different mythological stories, with a slant on how these stories are still so influential in our daily lives.  I hope you find them interesting.

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