Corrinne Eira Evans – Contemporary  Jeweller


Corrinne at Kigbeare Studios & Gallery

Corrinne Evans is a talented contemporary jeweller. The jewellery she creates merges traditional silversmithing techniques with contemporary applied art ideas, resulting in unique one off innovative pieces, with style and function.

Corinne’s studies spanned over 6 years at HND Birmingham School of Jewellery & BA (Hons) at Falmouth. Her knowledge of materials and antiquity, combined with working in an established working jewellers, all feed Corinne’s work. She now focuses her time on bespoke one-off commissions, Exhibitions and stocking prestigious galleries up and down the country.

Now set up at the beautiful Kigbeare Studio’s & Gallery in Devon, Corrinne runs a series of workshops throughout the year. She teaches you to make your own rings, bangles and necklaces, adding your own individual designs under her skilled guidance. Corrinne also invites brides and grooms to join her at her one-day workshops to create their own wedding rings.

Playing with materials and techniques combined with research, Corrinne’s designs feature key elements of playful interaction & stylised elegance, with multi functional wear and collect-ability. Her current collections are inspired by Native American culture’s, this rich & storied culture, deep in connection with the earth & its people, the detailed art and traditional garments ignite her imagination. Reading and studying artefacts, embroidered garments, tribal head-dresses, wooden & woven objects & warrior weaponry all inspire the jewellery she creates.


To find out more and to register your interest to meet with Corrine, visit:, or if you would like to commission a piece or to make an enquiry please contact or visit her website at

wendyAbout the Author: Wendy has coupled her love of making cushions and other soft furnishings with Complementary therapies. She focusses on Reiki and Energy Healing together with Massage. Wendy is fortunate to have a clinic area adjoining her sewing area. You can find her on Facebook under The Haven, Okehampton, and the website of Kigbeare Studios and Gallery.

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